R-17.0.1 - Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans Act

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75. In the event of separation from bed and board, divorce or marriage annulment, dissolution otherwise than by death of a civil union or annulment of a civil union, the benefits accumulated by a member under the voluntary retirement savings plan are, upon application in writing to the plan administrator, partitioned between the member and his or her spouse to the extent determined in the Civil Code or by a court judgment or a notarized declaration of dissolution of a civil union.
Where the court or the notarized declaration awards to the spouse of a member, in payment of a compensatory allowance, benefits accumulated by the member under a voluntary retirement savings plan, the benefits are, upon application in writing to the administrator, transferred to the spouse to the extent provided by the court judgment or by the notarized declaration.
2013, c. 26, s. 75.