R-16 - Act respecting retirement plans for the mayors and councillors of municipalities

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42.0.1. If the general plan fund is exhausted, the payments provided for in the plan shall be made out of a supplementary benefits plan established by the Government.
All the benefits payable under the general plan become benefits payable under the supplementary benefits plan according to the same terms of payment. The benefits accrued during a marriage or civil union under the general plan shall be paid by the supplementary benefits plan as if they were paid out of the general plan fund.
The sums required to make payments under the supplementary benefits plan shall be borne by the municipalities determined by the Government, which shall establish their annual contribution to the supplementary benefits plan, the time limit within which any payment is to be made and the rate of interest payable on an outstanding payment. The Government may also determine a threshold below which a municipality ceases to contribute to the supplementary benefits plan.
The sums paid under the supplementary benefits plan shall be unassignable and unseizable. However, such sums shall be unseizable only up to 50% in the case of partition of the family patrimony between married or civil union spouses or payment of support or of a compensatory allowance.
An order made under the first paragraph may have effect on any date not prior to 1 October 2016. Any other order made under the third paragraph may have effect 12 months or less before its adoption.
2016, c. 17, s. 112.