R-12 - Act respecting the Civil Service Superannuation Plan

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60.0.1. A person referred to in the first paragraph of section 60 who, under the salary insurance plan provided for in the person’s conditions of employment, is entitled only to salary insurance benefits for a maximum period of two years of service, shall continue to participate in the plan, even if the person’s employer has terminated the person’s employment, during the year following the last day of that two-year period if on that day the person is disabled within the meaning of the person’s salary insurance plan.
During that year, the service credited to that person, without contributions, is the service that would have been credited if the person had held employment and the person’s pensionable salary is the salary the person would have received.
However, the service credited to a person who dies, resigns or retires during the year following the two-year period provided for in the first paragraph shall be reduced by the period between the date of the event and the end of that year. The service credited under this section to a person who again holds pensionable employment shall be reduced by the period between the person’s first day of service in pensionable employment and the end of that year.
2000, c. 32, s. 68.