P-44 - Roadside Advertising Act

Full text
22. The Government may, by regulation,
(1)  prescribe standards of construction, erection and maintenance of advertising signs, particularly of the display panels and supporting structures;
(2)  prescribe, at the places it determines, special standards concerning the architectural aspect and the design of advertising signs;
(3)  prescribe the conditions and formalities for obtention and renewal of permits and fix the annual fees exigible from permit holders;
(4)  prescribe the form and tenor of a permit and of the identification plate to the affixed to a supporting structure;
(5)  prescribe the maximum dimensions of advertising signs according to their distance from a highway, rest area or lookout;
(6)  determine, from among the provisions of regulations made under this section, those the contravention of which is punishable under this Act.
1988, c. 14, s. 22.