P-44 - Roadside Advertising Act

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17. No commercial or noncommercial advertising sign may be displayed
(1)  within 300 metres of a highway, rest area or lookout on a site or area designated by the Government for the purposes of highway safety or the protection of the scenery or of the historical or architectural heritage;
(2)  within the limits of a rest area or lookout, unless authorized by the person responsible for its maintenance, who may, without notice, remove any advertising sign displayed in contravention of this provision;
(3)  on an object suspended in the air and attached to the ground in the zone within 300 metres of a highway, rest area or lookout;
(4)  back to back or anglewise to another advertising sign displayed within 300 metres of a highway designated as an autoroute by the Minister by means of the proper signs.
1988, c. 14, s. 17.