P-44.1 - Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises

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293. Subparagraph 4 of the first paragraph of section 17 does not apply to the name used in Québec by a natural person described in paragraph 1 of section 21 who was operating an enterprise on 31 December 1993, or by a partnership described in paragraph 2 of that section that existed on 31 December 1993, if on that date, in accordance with article 1834b of the Civil Code of Lower Canada or section 10 of the Companies and Partnerships Declaration Act (chapter D-1), the name included the term “enregistré” or “et compagnie”, an abbreviation of either of those expressions or any other word or phrase indicating a plurality of members or that one or more persons were using the name of another person.
2010, c. 7, s. 293.