P-44.1 - Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises

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292. A proceeding brought before the Court of Québec under section 90 of the Act respecting the legal publicity of sole proprietorships, partnerships and legal persons (chapter P-45) before 14 February 2011 the hearing of which has not commenced is continued, without further formality, before the economic affairs division of the Administrative Tribunal of Québec.
If the hearing has already commenced, the remedy is continued before the Court of Québec, unless the parties consent to a new hearing before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec or agree to the hearing being continued before the Tribunal, relying, in the case of oral evidence already produced, on the notes and minutes of the hearing or, as applicable, on the stenographer’s notes or the recording of the hearing.
The clerk of the Court of Québec must send the records relating to proceedings described in the first paragraph to the secretary of the Tribunal not later than 15 April 2011. Similarly, the clerk must, without delay, transfer the record relating to proceeding referred to in the second paragraph that is to be continued before the Tribunal.
2010, c. 7, s. 292.