P-42.1 - Crop Health Protection Act

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22. On application of the prosecutor, a judge may, upon conviction for an offence under this Act or its regulations, issue an order prohibiting the person convicted of the offence from growing or keeping plants, limiting the number of plants the person may grow or keep or prescribing any other condition pertaining to the growing or keeping of plants the judge considers necessary for a period not exceeding two years.
The judge may also order the confiscation of property seized under section 15, or the proceeds of its sale, and property kept in contravention of an order referred to in the first paragraph.
Prior notice of the application for confiscation must be given by the prosecutor to the person from whom the property was seized, to the defendant and to any person who claims to have a right in the property, unless they are in the presence of the judge.
If property confiscated under this chapter is liable to spread a harmful organism to a commercial crop, the Minister determines the procedure for disposing of it.
2008, c. 16, s. 22.