P-38.002 - Act to promote the protection of persons by establishing a framework with regard to dogs

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1. The purpose of this Act is to promote the protection of persons by establishing a framework with regard to dogs.
To that end, the Government may, by regulation,
(1)  establish dog supervision and ownership standards;
(2)  establish the powers a local municipality may exercise with regard to a dog or its owner or custodian, as well as the terms of exercise of such powers, including
i.  requiring that a dog undergo an examination by a veterinary surgeon for evaluation of its condition and dangerousness;
ii.  imposing measures, including euthanasia, with regard to a dog that constitutes a risk for public health and safety;
iii.  prohibiting the owner or custodian from owning any dog;
iv.  conferring powers of inspection, seizure and investigation on the local municipality; and
v.  imposing fees on the owner or custodian;
(3)  exempt, in the cases and on the conditions it determines, any dog from all or part of the application of the provisions of a regulation made under this section;
(4)  make veterinary surgeons, physicians or any other person subject to the obligation to report dog-inflicted injuries, and determine the information that must be included in, and specify any other terms relating to, such a report; and
(5)  determine the provisions, from among those established under subparagraphs 1 and 2, with regard to which non-compliance constitutes an offence, as well as the amounts of the related fines.
The reporting obligation prescribed under subparagraph 4 of the second paragraph applies even with regard to information protected by professional secrecy and despite any other provision relating to the concerned person’s duty to maintain confidentiality. No judicial proceedings may be instituted against a person who, in good faith, fulfills his or her reporting obligation.
2018, c. 22, s. 1.