P-34.1 - Youth Protection Act

Full text
72.1. An inspector may not be prosecuted for any act done in good faith in the performance of inspection duties.
1982, c. 17, s. 65; 2004, c. 3, s. 22.
72.1. The director, if he considers that adoption is the measure most likely to ensure the respect of children’s rights, must take all reasonable means to facilitate it, in particular,
(a)  by studying applications for adoption as the need arises;
(b)  by receiving the general consent required for adoption;
(c)  by taking charge of the children entrusted to him for adoption;
(d)  where necessary, by causing the child to be judicially declared eligible for adoption;
(e)  by seeing to the placement of the child.
1982, c. 17, s. 65.