P-34.1 - Youth Protection Act

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131.9. In the following cases, the director shall inform the parents of an Indigenous child, and the child if he is 14 years of age or over, of the possibility of forming a family council:
(a)  a provisional agreement provided for in Division II.1 of Chapter IV has been reached;
(b)  it has been decided by the director, in accordance with section 51, that the security or development of the child is in danger; and
(c)  prior to the review of the child’s situation in accordance with section 57 or 57.1.
The council is formed in accordance with Indigenous custom or practice. Where such a council is not formed, the director forms it if the parents and the child, if applicable, request it; he then solicits the cooperation of the community or of an Indigenous organization in an urban environment.
The director is not bound by the obligations set out in the first and second paragraphs in the cases where a family council has already been formed.
For the purposes of this chapter, a family council also includes any other similar authority.
2022, c. 11, s. 60.