P-30.3 - Act respecting owners, operators and drivers of heavy vehicles

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179. Notwithstanding section 54 and until the Government, by order, prohibits the privilege or imposes terms and conditions for the maintenance of the privilege, a person who, on 21 July 1998,
(1)  was a person to whom section 124 of the Act respecting truck transportation (chapter C‐5.1) applied, may continue, where applicable, to benefit from the privilege conferred by sections 12.77 and 12.78 of Regulation 12 respecting bulk trucking continued by section 68 of the Regulation respecting bulk trucking (R.R.Q., 1981, c. T-12, r. 3);
(2)  was the holder of a trucking licence under the Act respecting truck transportation continues to be authorized to transport, throughout Québec, wood for veneer and timber sawn across the grain or along the grain.
Section 54 shall not be construed as prohibiting a person from transporting a matter the person would have been authorized to transport under the Act respecting truck transportation on 21 July 1998.
1998, c. 40, s. 179.