P-19.1 - Act respecting family benefits

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38. Where the law of a State provides for the payment of benefits similar to the benefits provided for by this Act, the Minister may enter into social security agreements in accordance with the law with that State or with a department or agency of that State.
Such an agreement may include
(1)  special provisions, that may depart from the provisions of this Act, concerning the entitlement of a national of that other State who resides or works in Québec to receive family benefits for any accompanying child, and the conditions for receiving such benefits;
(2)  the terms and conditions governing the payment of benefits under this Act to such a national;
(3)  the terms and conditions governing the payment of benefits, in respect of any accompanying child, under the laws of that other State to a Canadian national who resides or works in that other State and who was a resident of Québec upon departing for that other State;
(4)  provisions to allow the necessary financial adjustments to be made;
(5)  the procedure for communicating the information required.
The Government may, by regulation, provide for the application of any agreement entered into under this section.
1997, c. 57, s. 38.