O-8 - Act respecting municipal organization of certain territories

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8. (Replaced).
1971, c. 54, s. 8; 1982, c. 63, s. 228.
8. (1)  The manager shall exercise the powers of the municipal council by order. Every order shall come into force, if not otherwise prescribed, on the day of its publication.
(2)  The order shall be published within three months after its date, or its final approval if it is subject to one or more of the approvals mentioned in the second paragraph of article 360 of the Municipal Code or in the second paragraph of section 357 of the Cities and Towns Act, as the case may be, by a public notice stating the object of the order, its date and the place where it may be examined. If the order bears one or more of the above-mentioned approvals, the notice shall mention each such approval and the date thereof.
(3)  The notice shall be given over the signature of the manager and published by posting a copy of it in the office of the municipality and at the other places determined by the manager. However, an order which applies only to a part of the municipality must be published in that part.
(4)  When an order has not been published within the delay provided hereinabove, the Minister may authorize its publication within such delay as he determines.
(5)  A true copy of every order of the manager shall be forwarded to the Minister within thirty days after its date.
1971, c. 54, s. 8.