O-8 - Act respecting municipal organization of certain territories

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10. (1)  The Minister may establish a local committee in the municipality; he must do so in any municipality or part of the municipality which he determines if it is permanently inhabited by at least one hundred persons; any part of the municipality shall then constitute a locality under the name designated by the Minister.
(2)  A local committee shall consist of not more than five members appointed by the Minister for four years, if there are fewer than one hundred inhabitants in the municipality; the Minister shall, instead of making the appointments, order that the members of the committee be elected for four years, at such time and according to such mode as he prescribes, if the territory in which the committee has jurisdiction is permanently inhabited by at least one hundred persons.
(3)  To be eligible to the office of member of a local committee or to be entitled to vote at the election of the members of such committee, a person must be of full age and a Canadian citizen.
(4)  The members of a local committee shall not perform their duties until they have taken the oath to discharge well and faithfully the duties of their office.
1971, c. 54, s. 10.