O-1.3 - Act to ensure the occupancy and vitality of territories

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16. To ensure the carrying out of this Act, the functions of the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Regions and Land Occupancy consist more specifically in
(1)  promoting the occupancy and vitality of territories within the Administration and among the general public, and fostering a concerted approach and cohesive action to encourage interventions in this area;
(2)  coordinating efforts by the Administration to develop indicators and revise the components of the strategy, and recommending the adoption of the resulting revision and indicators by the Government;
(3)  coordinating efforts to prepare the annual assessment of the strategy’s implementation within the Administration and the implementation report each time the strategy is revised;
(4)  enhancing knowledge in the area of the occupancy and vitality of territories and analyzing experiences elsewhere, in particular with respect to the policy directions set out in the strategies and action plans and their implementation, as well as the development of indicators or other methods to measure any progress made in relation to the occupancy and vitality of territories; and
(5)  advising and providing expertise and assistance to the Government and third persons as regards the occupancy and vitality of territories to help achieve the objectives of the strategy.
2012, c. 5, s. 16.