N-3 - Notaries Act

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54. Any transfer of the information contained in a notarial act en minute to another medium or another format must be made according to the procedure determined by regulation of the board of directors, which must specify the standards applicable to verifying the integrity of the information transferred. The regulation may also, in the cases it determines, make it mandatory to transfer such information from paper form to a technological medium.
Such a transfer does not affect the authentic nature of the act.
2000, c. 44, s. 54; 2023, c. 23, s. 46.
54. A notarial act shall be declared to be executed at the place where it is closed. That place is sufficiently described if the name of the municipality is specified. In the case described in article 3110 of the Civil Code, the name of the State must be specified in addition to the name of the municipality.
2000, c. 44, s. 54.