M-8 - Veterinary Surgeons Act

Full text
32. Subject to the rights and privileges expressly granted by law to other professionals, no person may perform an act described in section 7 unless he is a veterinary surgeon.
The first paragraph does not apply to acts performed
(1)  by a person belonging to a class of persons contemplated in a regulation adopted pursuant to subparagraph 3 of the first paragraph of section 6.1, provided he performs them under the conditions prescribed in the regulation;
(2)  by a person in accordance with the provisions of a regulation adopted pursuant to paragraph h of section 94 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26);
(3)  in the course of studying veterinary medicine;
(4)  in the course of scientific research.
R. S. 1964, c. 259, s. 62; 1973, c. 57, s. 31; 1994, c. 40, s. 367.
32. Every person who practises veterinary medicine without being entered on the roll is guilty of an offence and liable to the penalties provided in section 188 of the Professional Code.
R. S. 1964, c. 259, s. 62; 1973, c. 57, s. 31.