M-20 - Act respecting the Ministère des Affaires culturelles

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29. (Replaced).
1969, c. 26, s. 19; 1983, c. 38, s. 49.
29. The Government, by regulation, may:
(a)  fix the period beyond which any document no longer used for the day-to-day administration of the Government departments and bodies must be offered or entrusted to the Keeper;
(b)  forbid any Government department or body to destroy documents of any class which it indicates, to transfer such documents or do away with them before submitting them to the Keeper for examination and, upon his request, delivering them to his care;
(c)  determine the inventories to be made by any Government department or body of the documents which they have in their possession and which must be submitted to the Keeper;
(d)  upon such conditions as it determines, allow the Keeper to make an examination and an inventory of any document in the possession of a Government department or body;
(e)  entrust to the custody of the Keeper any document of a Government department or body or any class of documents which it indicates;
(f)  determine the conditions upon which the archives are to be preserved.
1969, c. 26, s. 19.