M-14.1 - Act respecting the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation

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3. The Minister develops general policies for economic development and proposes them to the Government. He or she also determines the sectors of the economy in which he or she intends to act as a matter of priority and advises the Government and government departments and bodies on all matters falling within his or her mission.
The Minister must, in matters of regional economic development and in all other matters falling within his or her mission, ensure that government actions in Québec and elsewhere are cohesive and concordant and must, to that end, take part in the development of measures and ministerial decisions and give an opinion whenever appropriate.
The Minister must also increase the effectiveness of initiatives relating to those matters by promoting the concordance, simplification and accessibility of entrepreneurship, acquisition entrepreneurship and innovation support services.
2019, c. 29, s. 1.