M-11.5 - Act respecting transparency measures in the mining, oil and gas industries

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10. If a wholly-owned subsidiary of an entity subject to this Act is also subject to this Act, the subsidiary is deemed to have filed the statement required under the first paragraph of section 6 for the fiscal year if
(1)  the entity has sent a statement to the Authority in accordance with section 6 and the statement includes the payments made by the subsidiary in the subsidiary’s fiscal year or any part of that fiscal year;
(2)  the subsidiary has notified the Authority in writing, before the 150th day following the end of its fiscal year, that the entity has filed the statement; and
(3)  the subsidiary has complied with sections 6, 7 and 8 for any part of its fiscal year that is not covered by the entity’s statement, if applicable.
2015, c. 23, s. 10.