L-6.3 - Act to combat maltreatment of seniors and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations

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20.7. The Minister responsible for Seniors must establish a maltreatment assistance, assessment and reference centre.
The functions of the centre include
(1)  receiving a call from a person seeking information or support concerning maltreatment, and actively listening to the person;
(2)  assessing the situation described by the person as well as its risk level, in particular to determine whether it is a case of maltreatment;
(3)  providing information on the resources available and the possible recourses to put an end to a case of maltreatment;
(4)  referring the person to the resource persons most able to help the person, including the competent local service quality and complaints commissioner or any other designated resource person referred to in section 17; and
(5)  conducting, with the person’s consent, follow-up to accompany the person in the process or in the steps he or she has taken or is taking.
2022, c. 6, s. 11.