L-6.2 - Tobacco Control Act

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72. (Repealed).
1998, c. 33, s. 72; 2005, c. 29, s. 57.
72. Sponsorship agreements entered into before 14 May 1998, or the signing of which constitutes the renewal of an agreement, that relate to the financing of an activity referred to in section 22 that is scheduled to take place on or before 1 October 2000 may be executed. However, the maximum amount that may be paid pursuant to each contract may not exceed the amount provided for in the contract on 11 June 1998.
In addition, under such contracts, material related to any promotion referred to in section 22 may be used on the site of the activity until 1 October 2003.
However, outside the site of the activity, such promotion may not occupy more than 10% of the surface area of any promotional material related to the activity until 1 October 2003.
The promotional material referred to in the third paragraph may appear only
(1)  in publications sent by mail and addressed to a named adult;
(2)  in publications that have an adult readership of not less than 85%;
(3)  on posters placed in a place or business where minors are not admitted pursuant to the Act respecting offences relating to alcoholic beverages (chapter I‐8.1).
1998, c. 33, s. 72.