L-6.1 - Anti-Corruption Act

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35.10. A candidate for the office of Committee member is first chosen from a list of persons declared qualified to be appointed as such by the selection committee formed by the Minister for that purpose.
The selection committee is made up of the Deputy Minister of Public Security or that Deputy Minister’s representative, an advocate recommended by the Bâtonnier of the Province of Québec, and an associate professor or full professor at a Québec university in a field relevant to the Committee’s mandate.
The selection committee promptly evaluates the candidates on the basis of their knowledge, experience and qualifications, according to the criteria it determines. Without delay, the selection committee presents to the Prime Minister a report in which it lists the candidates it has met whom it considers qualified to be Committee members. The list must include three, four or five candidates according to whether one, two or three offices are to be filled. All information and documents regarding the candidates and the proceedings of the selection committee are confidential.
The members of a selection committee receive no remuneration, except in the cases, on the conditions and to the extent the Government may determine. They are, however, entitled to the reimbursement of any expenses incurred in the exercise of their functions, on the conditions and to the extent determined by the Government.
2018, c. 1, s. 22.