I-8.3 - Public Infrastructure Act

Full text
2. The measures introduced by this Act are intended to
(1)  establish a long-term vision for government infrastructure investments;
(2)  ensure appropriate planning of public infrastructures by prescribing the rigorous and transparent administration of the amounts allocated to public infrastructures and by promoting best management practices and improved accountability;
(3)  contribute to the quality and longevity of public infrastructures, in particular by ensuring that investments are properly apportioned between asset maintenance and infrastructure development;
(4)  contribute to the prioritization of public infrastructure investments and, with the assistance of the Société québécoise des infrastructures, ensure the rigorous management of public infrastructure projects; and
(5)  ensure optimal management, by the Société québécoise des infrastructures, of rental spaces and immovable assets of public bodies.
2013, c. 23, s. 2.