I-15.1 - Act respecting market intermediaries

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93. The affairs of the Association shall be administered provisionally by a board of directors composed of directors designated by the Inspector General.
Three-quarters of the directors shall be chosen from among the members of the Association provinciale des assureurs-vie du Québec and one-quarter from among the members of the Ordre des assureurs-vie de Québec, incorporated on 1 April 1987 by letters patent issued under Part III of the Companies Act (chapter C-38).
The directors shall remain in office until the date of the first annual meeting of the members of the Association, which they must call and hold within six months of 1 October 1989.
The Inspector General shall ensure that the procedure for calling the meeting and electing the new directors has been followed.
He may designate a person to attend the meeting as an observer. That person shall make a report of his observations respecting the conduct of the meeting, and submit any recommendation which he considers advisable to the Inspector General.
1989, c. 48, s. 93.