I-15.1 - Act respecting market intermediaries

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5. The following persons are excluded from the definition of claims adjuster where they engage in claims adjustment as part of their main activity:
(1)  advocates, engineers and architects;
(2)  liquidators, sequestrators and trustees in bankruptcy;
(3)  tutors, curators, testamentary executors, administrators and trustees;
(4)  assessors contemplated by the Act respecting municipal taxation (chapter F-2.1);
(5)  holders of a permit issued under the Act respecting detective or security agencies (chapter A-8);
(6)  persons who by reason of their occupation are called upon to appraise the value of property;
(7)  experts or average adjuster dealing exclusively in ocean marine losses;
(8)  the directors and officers of a mutual insurance association or mutual damage-insurance company;
(9)  the employees of an insurer.
1989, c. 48, s. 5.