I-15.1 - Act respecting market intermediaries

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20. The remuneration of a claims adjuster who has been given a mandate by a loss victim shall be established, at the option of the loss victim, on an hourly basis or on commission. To be valid, the contract shall expressly state the mode of remuneration chosen by the loss victim and the hourly rate of the claims adjuster. In addition, the contract binds the loss victim only from the time a copy of the contract is transmitted to him by the claims adjuster.
The loss victim may cancel the contract, without penalty, by a notice transmitted by registered or certified mail not later than three clear days after it is transmitted. In such a case, the remuneration of the claims adjuster shall be established on an hourly basis. He shall also be entitled to the payment of disbursements made by him.
1989, c. 48, s. 20.