I-15.1 - Act respecting market intermediaries

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13. No damage insurance broker may be a special broker except with the authorization of the Conseil des assurances de dommages. This authorization cannot be granted in automobile insurance.
Before availing himself of his special broker certificate, the broker must obtain from the insured a signed and dated declaration identifying the property or other interests to be insured, specifying the place where they are situated and mentioning the amount of insurance applied for as well as the insurers who have refused to accept it.
Moreover, the broker must ascertain that the placing of a risk with an insurer not authorized to do business in Québec is justified by market scarcity. He must, in addition, disclose to the insured the fact that the insurer with whom the risk is placed is not licensed to do business in Québec and does not maintain an establishment in Québec.
1989, c. 48, s. 13.