I-15.1 - Act respecting market intermediaries

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125. The Association shall, by by-law which shall be submitted to the Government for approval, determine
(1)  the conditions of admission, refusal, renewal, removal, expulsion and readmission of members of the Association;
(2)  the rules relating to the discipline applicable to damage-insurance brokers;
(3)  the membership fees payable;
(4)  the criteria governing the granting or withdrawal of the title of chartered insurance broker and the title of associate insurance broker;
(5)  any other matter coming under its jurisdiction.
The Association may also determine, by a resolution of its board of directors, any increase in the membership fees established under the first paragraph which is required to enable the Association to assume its responsibilities in disciplinary and inspection matters. The resolution shall be subject to the approval of the Inspector General.
1989, c. 48, s. 125.