G-1.011 - Act respecting workforce management and control within government departments, public sector bodies and networks and state-owned enterprises

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38. Despite section 12 and unless the Conseil du trésor decides otherwise, the total workforce, for the period from 1 January 2015 to 31 March 2015, of all the public bodies under a minister’s responsibility that are not subject to the second paragraph of section 32 of the Public Administration Act (chapter A-6.01) must not exceed their total workforce for the corresponding period in 2014.
Likewise, for that period, the staffing level of each public body referred to in paragraph 7 of section 2 must not exceed its staffing level for the corresponding period in 2014.
For the purposes of section 13, the minister responsible must distribute the staff among the public bodies described in the first paragraph by not later than 15 December 2014.
2014, c. 17, s. 38.