F-3 - Civil Service Act

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70. Any person may be appointed by a Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, a member covered by section 77 of the Legislature Act, the President, the Vice-President or the Assistant Vice-President of the Assemblée nationale, the Government House Leader, the Opposition House Leader or the House Leader of a party covered by the second paragraph of section 77 of the Legislature Act, the Chief Government Whip or the Chief Opposition Whip in the Assemblée nationale, to be his private secretary or the latter’s assistant, according to the scales established by the commissioners appointed under section 41 of the Legislature Act; such a person shall be a member of the civil service as soon as he is so appointed, and may become a permanent functionary following one year’s continuous employment as such, provided that the person who appointed him so recommends in writing.
1965 (1st sess.), c. 14, s. 65; 1969, c. 14, s. 40; 1971, c. 9, s. 26.