F-3 - Civil Service Act

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3. Whenever the Commission decides that it is neither practicable nor in the public interest to apply this act to one or more positions or offices of a casual nature in the civil service, or to one or more positions with an agent-general or delegate-general of Québec, it may, with the approval of the Gouvernement, withdraw them from the partial or total application of this act and determine, by regulation, the manner in which such positions or offices and the incumbents thereof shall be governed.
Within thirty days after the opening of each session, the Commission shall make an annual report to the Assemblée nationale indicating the positions or offices excluded, under this section, from the partial or total application of this act, the reasons therefor and the regulations prescribed and approved respecting such positions or offices.
1965 (1st sess.), c. 14, s. 3; 1966-67, c. 23, s. 9; 1968, c. 9, s. 90.