F- - Act respecting certain functions relating to manpower and employment

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58. (Repealed).
1982, c. 53, s. 58; 1996, c. 29, s. 35.
58. The expressions “Minister of Labour, Manpower and Income Security”, “Deputy Minister of Labour, Manpower and Income Security” and “Ministère du Travail, de la Main-d’oeuvre et de la Sécurité du revenu” designate the “Minister of Housing and Consumer Protection”, the “Deputy Minister of Housing and Consumer Protection” and the “ministère de l’Habitation et de la Protection du consommateur”, respectively, in the following legislation:
(1)  (amendment integrated into c. A-20.01);
(2)  (amendment integrated into c. E-1.1);
(3)  (amendment integrated into c. E-20.1, ss. 69-70);
(4)  (amendment integrated into c. I-12.1);
(5)  (amendment integrated into c. I-13.01);
(6)  (amendment integrated into c. M-3);
(7)  (amendment integrated into c. M-4);
(8)  (amendment integrated into c. M-6);
(9)  (amendment integrated into c. S-3).
The same applies to every proclamation, regulation, order in council or order made under any of the listed legislation, and to every directive, contract or other document in which the expressions are used in application of any of such legislation.
1982, c. 53, s. 58.