F-1 - Act respecting fabriques

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23. A fabrique may accept endowments for religious, charitable, educational or welfare purposes and consequently receive, as legal depositary, fiduciary agent, legatee or donee, the property given or transmitted by gift, will or otherwise by the founder and bind itself to carry out the charges established by the latter, the fabrique being bound to carry out the same with the property of the endowment only and not with its own assets.
The property of each endowment shall constitute a distinct patrimony which must be managed and administered separately, and for which the fabrique shall keep separate accounts. The fabrique shall exercise the rights of absolute owner in respect of each such patrimony and may use a special seal for each.
The fabrique must be specially authorized by the bishop of the diocese of the parish or chapelry to accept such endowments; it may invest the property thereof only as authorized by such bishop and must administer the same under his supervision.
1965 (1st sess.), c. 76, s. 23.