E-9.1 - Act respecting private education

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63.5. The institution shall set up an anti-bullying and anti-violence team and designate, from among the members of its personnel, a person to coordinate its work as part of his or her regular duties.
The institution shall see to it that all the members of its personnel are informed of the institution’s rules of conduct and safety measures and anti-bullying and anti-violence measures and of the procedure to be followed when an act of bullying or violence is observed.
Every personnel member shall collaborate in implementing the anti-bullying and anti-violence plan and shall see to it that no student in the institution is a victim of bullying or violence.
On the occurrence of an act of bullying or violence, and after considering the best interest of the students directly involved, the person designated by the institution specifically for that purpose from among the members of its management personnel shall promptly communicate with their parents to inform them of the measures in the anti-bullying and anti-violence plan.
2012, c. 19, s. 24.