E-20.1 - Act to secure handicapped persons in the exercise of their rights with a view to achieving social, school and workplace integration

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1.2. For the purposes of the measures provided for in this Act, the following policy directions serve to guide the Office, government departments and their networks, municipalities and public or private agencies:
(a)  adopting an approach that views the handicapped person as a whole, respects individual characteristics and facilitates the increased development of capacities;
(b)  facilitating the autonomy of handicapped persons and their participation in individual or collective decisions that concern them and in managing the services offered to them;
(c)  giving priority to resources and services that enable handicapped persons to remain in or return to their natural living environments;
(d)  facilitating the adaptation of the built environment to the needs of handicapped persons and their families without discrimination or privilege, the regional self-sufficiency of resources, and the effective linking of local, regional and Québec-wide resources;
(e)  fostering continuing coordination for the management and complementarity of resources as well as the permanence and maximum integration of services;
(f)  achieving a decent quality of life for handicapped persons and their families, full social integration of handicapped persons and maximum protection against risk factors for impairment.
2004, c. 31, s. 4.