E-12.01 - Act respecting threatened or vulnerable species

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46. In the cases prescribed by the Government, by regulation, in which a habitat of a threatened or vulnerable plant species must be indicated, a person cannot be found guilty of an offence under section 17 or for violation of a standard or condition of management prescribed by regulation committed in that habitat unless the habitat has already been indicated in the manner prescribed by regulation or unless the person had prior notification of the existence of the habitat.
1989, c. 37, s. 46; 2022, c. 8, s. 31.
46. Every director or officer of a legal person who induces the legal person, by order, authorization, permission or encouragement to commit an offence referred to in section 40 is himself guilty of the offence and is liable to the penalty provided in paragraph 1 of that section.
1989, c. 37, s. 46.