E-12.001 - Pay Equity Act

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120. Every employer whose pay equity or relativity plan was completed before 21 November 1996 shall, within 12 months of 21 November 1997, send the Commission a report describing the plan and containing the information referred to in section 119.
The same applies to every employer whose pay equity or relativity plan is in progress on 21 November 1996. In such a case, the report must also indicate the degree of completion of the plan.
The employer shall post the report sent to the Commission and forward it to any certified association representing employees in the enterprise. Any employee or certified association of the enterprise may, within 90 days of the posting, send observations or comments on the employer’s report to the Commission.
The Commission shall determine, on the basis of the information contained in the report, the observations or comments received and the verifications it makes, whether the plan meets the conditions set out in section 119.
1996, c. 43, s. 120.