D-8.3 - Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition

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25.6. For the purposes of the framework, the Commission may establish workplace skills development strategies that are to be proposed to employers as training modes for one or more occupational standards and are aimed at enabling workers to master the trade described by an occupational standard.
A sectoral workforce committee or an employer may participate in the development of such strategies, to the extent agreed with the Commission.
Workplace skills development strategies may, in particular,
(1)  determine the conditions for worker participation in any action or activity designed to allow workers to acquire or master the skills described in an occupational standard;
(2)  determine the details and nature of such an action or activity;
(3)  determine the conditions to be met and the qualifications and aptitudes required to act as a supervising journeyworker, tutor, coach or apprenticeship supervisor or to otherwise supervise an apprentice as a part of such strategies;
(4)  determine the conditions for employer participation;
(5)  determine the requirements for recognition of the skills acquired or mastered; and
(6)  determine any other measure considered necessary to implement the strategies or facilitate their application.
2007, c. 3, s. 20.