D-8.1 - Act respecting the development of Québec firms in the book industry

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8. The functions of the board are to advise and submit recommendations to the Minister, at his request or on its own initiative, in respect of any matter pertaining to reading, the book industry and the application of this Act and the regulations.
The Minister shall submit the draft regulations contemplated in this Act to the board for its advice.
The board may, in the exercise of its functions,
(1)  solicit opinions, and receive and hear requests and suggestions from individuals and groups in respect of any matter pertaining to the draft regulations, reading and the book trade;
(2)  conduct surveys and research considered useful or necessary for the performance of its duties.
The Minister shall table the advice of the board regarding the draft regulations before the National Assembly within 30 days of receiving them, if it is in session; if it is not, he shall table them within thirty days of the opening of the next session, or within fifteen days of resumption, as the case may be.
1979, c. 68, s. 8.