D-8.1.1 - Sustainable Development Act

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7. The Government’s sustainable development strategy must state the selected approach, the main issues, the directions or areas of intervention, and the objectives to be pursued by the Administration in the area of sustainable development. Where appropriate, it must also state the sustainable development principles to be taken into consideration by the Administration, in addition to those enumerated in section 6 and those set out in sections 152 and 186 of the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q‐2).
For the purposes of its implementation by the Administration, the strategy must identify certain means selected to foster a concerted approach that is in keeping with all the principles of sustainable development; it must also state the roles and responsibilities of each player or certain members of the Administration in order to ensure internal efficiency and coherence. The strategy must also specify monitoring mechanisms or means.
A status report on sustainable development in Québec must also be presented upon periodic reviews of the strategy based on sustainable development indicators or other criteria set out in the strategy to monitor or measure progress in the economic, social and environmental fields.
Moreover, in order to foster a synergy of interventions for sustainable development, the strategy may specify which objectives, among those that have been set, all or some of the bodies and institutions referred to in section 4 are encouraged to pursue, even before an Order in Council is issued under that section.
2006, c. 3, s. 7.