D-8.0.1 - James Bay Region Development Act

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38.4. (Repealed).
2001, c. 61, s. 6; 2013, c. 19, s. 61.
38.4. If the circumstances warrant it, a member of the council of the municipality may deliberate and vote at a meeting of the council by means of telephone or other communications equipment, provided that the council chair or person replacing the council chair and the clerk of the municipality are present at the same place and that the communications equipment enables all persons participating in or attending the meeting to hear one another.
The minutes of the meeting must mention the names of members who participate in such a manner and the means of communication used.
A member who participates in a council meeting in accordance with this section is deemed to be present at the meeting, and shall be included for the purpose of determining whether there is a quorum.
2001, c. 61, s. 6.