D-10 - Gas Distribution Act

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2. The Board may make regulations respecting public safety and the prevention of accidents resulting from the conveyance, possession, distribution and use of gas in Québec.
Without restricting the scope of the aforesaid general regulatory power the Board may, in particular:
(a)  regulate the construction, repair, maintenance, replacement and inspection of any conveyance system, distribution network, pipe, apparatus and piping used for the conveyance, distribution and consumption of gas;
(b)  designate one or more organizations to test gas apparatus, to determine if it meets the conditions laid down by the Board and affix thereto their seal of approval if the test is satisfactory;
(c)  order that only gas apparatus approved by the Board or bearing the seal of approval of an organization referred to in the preceding paragraph may, from a specified date, be installed in Québec;
(d)  regulate the warehousing, storage, conveyance and handling of any gas otherwise than by means of pipes;
(e)  adopt in the premises any other measure calculated to contribute to public safety.
R. S. 1964, c. 88, s. 2.