C-9 - Farmers’ Clubs Act

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38. In addition to the grant mentioned in section 37, the Minister may pay, out of the balance of the available moneys, mentioned in section 66 of the Agricultural Societies Act (chapter S-25), or out of any appropriation voted for the farmers’ clubs, a grant to each club that possesses and keeps, for the benefit of its members, one or more thoroughbred registered bulls, one or more thoroughbred registered boars, or which has given a premium to the owner of a thoroughbred registered bull or a thoroughbred registered boar, which has been kept for breeding for the benefit of the members of the club.
The amount of the grant, as well as the conditions to be complied with in order to receive it, shall be fixed by by-law of the Council of Agriculture approved by the Government. Nevertheless, whenever the grant is based on the premium given to the owner of a bull or a boar, it must not exceed the amount of such premium.
R. S. 1964, c. 113, s. 38.