C-72.01 - Act respecting municipal courts

Full text
6. A common municipal court may be established
(1)  by local municipalities, provided their territories are situated within the territory of the same regional county municipality or, as the case may be, within that of the same urban community;
(2)  by local municipalities wishing to extend the territorial jurisdiction of an existing local municipal court, provided the requirement as to their territories set out in paragraph 1 is met;
(3)  by a regional county municipality to which local municipalities have delegated the authority to do so, provided the requirement as to the territories of the local municipalities set out in paragraph 1 is met;
(4)  by two of more regional county municipalities contemplated by paragraph 3, provided their territories are contiguous.
1989, c. 52, s. 6; 1990, c. 85, s. 122.