C-72.01 - Act respecting municipal courts

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46.1. For the proper dispatch of the business of a municipal court that is under the authority of a president judge and on the recommendation of the latter, the chief judge may temporarily assign a municipal judge to that court, for the period determined by the chief judge, in order to meet a temporary need. The judge has the powers of the judges of the court to which he or she is assigned.
In making a temporary assignment, the chief judge shall have regard to the requirements of the proper administration of justice and the efficient management of the public funds allocated therefor.
Notwithstanding section 45.1, a judge not required to exercise his or her functions on an exclusive basis before the temporary assignment does not become subject to that requirement during the assignment.
The remuneration and employment benefits of a temporarily assigned judge shall be borne by the municipality responsible for the administration of the municipal court to which the judge is so assigned.
2002, c. 21, s. 17.