C-72.01 - Act respecting municipal courts

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117.5. During the period required for the implementation of the provisions of this division,
(1)  any regulations concerning costs that the Government may make under section 77 or under the Code of Penal Procedure (chapter C-25.1) shall continue, where applicable, to apply, notwithstanding the abolition of a municipal court or the withdrawal of the territory of a municipality from the jurisdiction of a municipal court;
(2)  the clerk and, as the case may be, the replacement clerk shall continue to carry out the duties assigned to them by this Act, notwithstanding the abolition of a court, where that is the case;
(3)  the municipalities shall continue to pay the cost incurred for maintaining the court and its office and for the remuneration, conditions of employment and fringe benefits of the judge and the necessary court staff.
1993, c. 62, s. 11.