C-65.1 - Act respecting contracting by public bodies

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21.48.6. Any corrective measure or any oversight or monitoring measure imposed by the Authority under this chapter is determined taking into account the enterprise’s specific situation and after giving the enterprise the opportunity to submit observations. To determine an oversight or monitoring measure relating specifically to an enterprise’s performance of a public contract or subcontract, the Authority may require the enterprise to provide, within the time specified, a copy of the contract or subcontract or, if the subcontract is not evidenced in writing, the information relating to the subcontract that the Authority considers necessary.
The Authority develops a general framework for applying the corrective measures and the oversight or monitoring measures, which specifies, in addition to the types of measures the Authority may impose and the objective pursued by imposing each of those types, the elements it takes into account and the criteria that guide it in determining a measure to be imposed on an enterprise. The framework is published on the Authority’s website.
Despite the preceding paragraphs, only measures that have the effect of eliminating any control exercised by a director, officer or shareholder on the enterprise or, in the case of a shareholder who exercises such control, of restricting the latter to the extent the Authority considers necessary may constitute corrective measures in respect of an enterprise that is in the situation described in section 21.26.
2022, c. 18, s. 43.