C-62.1 - Act respecting the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec

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50. (Repealed).
1994, c. 2, s. 50; 2015, c. 22, s. 5.
50. The orientation committee must be consulted by the Conservatoire concerning
(1)  the appointment of the principal of the institution;
(2)  the conditions governing the implementation of the education regulations at the institution;
(3)  the conditions governing the organization of instruction in the institution;
(4)  the draft by-laws concerning the conduct and discipline of students;
(5)  the budget allotted to the institution.
The orientation committee of an institution providing instruction in music must advise the Conservatoire on the objectives to be achieved in initial training in the field of music, and on the presence and vitality of bodies essential to the music world.
1994, c. 2, s. 50.